Warranty & Sea Trial Surveys

Warranty & Sea Trial Surveys

VCI have found that new plants and vessels can experience problems with installed machines, together with structural vibration issues. Unless these problems are identified and corrected, premature machine failure will be experienced thereby incurring higher maintenance costs.


  • Avoid premature/catastrophic failure.
  • Increase safety, reliability and machine availability.
  • Reduce cost of maintenance.
  • Enable planning to avoid failure.
  • Reduce down time.

VCI can supply…

On site machinery surveys, measurement and investigations incorporating:

  • Vibration
  • Noise
  • Thermography
  • Oil analysis
  • Leak detection
  • Remote analysis
  • In-situ dynamic balancing and laser alignment
  • Technical reports with suggested corrective action

Installation of Condition Monitoring Systems

VCI provides advice to Clients as to the most effective condition monitoring system for their requirements and being independent we are able to offer the most cost effective solutions, which include hand held portable data collectorsand permanently mounted monitoring systems.

All our systems are installed in a finished operational condition and include Technical Support from VCI as part of the package. The software associated with our systems is user friendly and is set up with alarm levels installed for each individual machine in accordance with current international standards and VCI’s past experience. Full training on the systems can be carried out on site or in the UK.