Oil Analysis Surveys

Oil Analysis

VCI provide oil analysis services which is a well proven technique for monitoring inaccessible components in equipment that is being operated dynamically. Its strength lies in its ability to identify faults and potential failures at an early stage.

This type of analysis plays a key role within a broad-based Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) regime which utilises a variety of monitoring technologies to underpin a predictive approach to maintenance.

The VCI Managed Service

  • Easy structured cost-per-sample kit.
  • Provision and posting of oil sampling kits to the client.
  • The client will take the oil sample(s) and return in the ‘Freepost’ envelope provided.
  • Our laboratory will analyse the sample(s).
  •  The comprehensive report will be emailed directly.
  •  Information provided can then be used to perform predictive maintenance.

Tailored solutions…

Analytical output from the laboratory can be tailored to your exact requirements. A typical suite of reports would include:-

  • Particle counts to ISO standards
  • Full spectrographic analysis of wear metals, oil additives and contaminants
  • Total ferrous debris, including large particles
  • Viscosity
  • Infrared analysis of engine samples to monitor condition and degradation
  • Water analysis
  • Fuel contamination
  • Sample examination under a microscope
  • Ferrography & Wear Debris Analysis carried out when necessary
  • TAN (Total Acid Number)
  • TBN (Total Base Number)

Sample Results

Following analysis, e-mail notification is made to the client. Each sample which exceeds the specified alarm or critical status is annotated with our engineer’s comments and recommendations. These recommendations are based on knowledge of similar or known components, derived from years of experience in the oil-analysis field.


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