Marine Condition Monitoring

Marine Condition Monitoring

How we look after machinery is very similar to how we look after ourselves. Just like in the human body, machines give off lots of signs as their condition and performance deteriorates. We all become the subject of condition monitoring when we go to the doctor for a health check. The recording of blood pressure, temperature, weight, lung capacity, etc., are all designed to keep our bodies healthy by spotting any problems early.

Similarly, by using various process parameters (e.g. pressure, temperature, vibration, flow) and samples (e.g. oil) to monitor conditions in machines, we can measure equipment health, performance, integrity and strength to schedule timely corrective action.

At VCI Limited, we have over 40 years experience in providing cost-effective CBM programmes to the marine and land-based industries.

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The main benefits of applying an effective CBM programme are that maintenance and repairs can be scheduled during non-peak times and machine productivity and service life are enhanced.

Repair costs due to a loss of production time and secondary damage from failure are eliminated.

By using a combination of the below technologies and techniques, our experienced engineers can gauge the health of your critical assets.

Implementing Condition Monitoring

VCI identifies the most effective condition monitoring system to suit your requirements and, being independent, we are able to offer you the most cost-effective solutions, which include hand-held portable data collectors and permanently mounted monitoring systems.

All our systems are installed in a finished operational condition and include Technical Support from VCI as part of the package. The software associated with our systems is user-friendly and is set up with alarm levels installed for each individual machine in accordance with current international standards and VCI’s past experience. Full training on the systems can be carried out on site or in the UK.