BINDT Vibration Analysis Training – 2020 Courses Available Now

VCI Consultancy is running a number of five-day Vibration Analysis Cat 1 and 2 courses throughout the year, aimed at preparing candidates for the BINDT PCN Certification exam.

As an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) for the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT), an accredited certification body offering personnel certification against criteria set out in international and European standards through the internationally recognised PCN Certification Scheme, all our vibration analysis courses follow ISO 18436 standards.

One of the many benefits of achieving PCN qualification is that personnel who contribute to effective plant asset management and condition-based management and predictive maintenance will hold an independent certification; enhancing career prospects and confidence in competence.

BINDT Vibration Analysis Cat 1 is an introductory level into vibration analysis and will enable candidates to establish competency in the fundamental key skills and understanding of monitoring plant and process equipment.

BINDT Vibration Analysis Cat 2 is aimed at candidates who already have a good understanding of the fundamentals of vibration analysis and want to be confident and capable of performing industrial machinery vibration measurements and basic vibration analysis using single-channel measurement.

In addition to our scheduled vibration analysis training courses which we run throughout the year, we can offer bespoke in-house training for organisations at a location and time to suit. This flexibility means that your staff can take full advantage of our training provision in their own environment to further enhance their learning objectives.

Cat 1

  • 16th Mar – 20th Mar 2020
  • 20th Jul – 24th Jul 2020
  • 23rd Nov – 27th Nov 2020

Cat 2

  • 20th Jan – 24th Jan 2020
  • 12th Jun – 12th Jun 2020
  • 5th Oct – 9th Oct 2020

To discuss our bespoke training packages please call us on 0151 909 4545, email us at or fill in our short form below and we will be in touch.

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