About VCI

Hi-tech predictive maintenance

VCI offer a broad spectrum of specialist monitoring and condition assessment services for all classes of mechanical and electrical plants at sea, offshore and on land. Services include routine condition monitoring, trend assessment, emergency fault analysis, pre-overhaul, dry dock and new plant surveys. Advanced instrumentation is used for data capture, information logging and analysis technology.

Our clients can also collect their own data using this advanced technology and then upload files for remote analysis from anywhere in the world to this website’s client portal – no need for emailing, burning CDs or cloud file sharing websites.

Where can we save you money?about1

  • Machinery breakdowns reduced
  • Spares inventories reduced
  • Downtime reduced
  • Overall maintenance costs reduced
  • Unnecessary maintenance avoided

Identify maintenance issues before they occur

With VCI’s predictive maintenance solutions you will always be aware of a machine’s condition. The risk of catastrophic failure is significantly reduced and you can say goodbye to unnecessary dismantling of machinery for routine maintenance checks. It is well documented that problems often occur after a perfectly good machine opened for routine inspection is then rebuilt.